A snowy winter wonder

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Winter 1996 in Manhattan, New York

That year, she was not able to make it home for her birthday in September or Thanksgiving, so she was even more excited to go home over the holidays to see her family. For over two weeks, Christmas and getting to see her family in Texas was everything she seemed to talk about, Everybody knew, how excited she was. 
On Friday afternoon, Jenna´s office was supposed to close for one week so that all the employees could fly home to spend Christmas with their loved ones. Jenna booked her flight for the very same day to get home earlier to be able to see her family as soon as possible. 
Her bags had been packed since Monday, she got off work on Friday, rushed home to get her luggage and took a cab to the airport. Because of all the snow, she arrived at the airport later than expected, but she was still on time to catch her flight. Having arrived at the airport, she called her mom one more time and walked to her gate afterwards. 
But at the gate there were bad news waiting for Jenna. All of the flights going out had been cancelled, because of snow storms. 
Jenna was devastated. She was never going to make it home on time. But because there was nothing she could do about it, she grabbed her bags and went home. 
Jenna was disappointed, she knew that her colleagues whose families didn’t live in New York couldn’t go home either, but she didn’t want to spend Christmas with anybody but her family. 
Three days passed, Jenna still hadn’t left her house. On Saturday morning she received an e-mail from a colleague, who invited all of the employees who couldn’t to home to a little Christmas party. Jenna didn’t respond. She hadn’t done anything in the past three days, and did not plan on doing so until she had to go back to work the next week. 
On the night of Monday, the 24th of December, Jenna called her family in Texas. They talked for a couple of minutes, then she wished them a Merry Christmas and went to bed. 
On Tuesday, she spent her day just the way she had spent the last three days. She stayed in bed all day, alone. But in the evening, she decided to put on a nice dress and get ready, like she would have done if she was home. She called her family again, talked to them for about twenty minutes, which did make her a little bit happier. After she had hung up, she sat on her couch for quite a while, but didn’t to anything. 
Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. She got up wondering who it could be. She opened the door and saw all of her colleagues, who couldn’t make it home because of the snow either. And with them, they brought an entire Christmas dinner. Jenna quickly cleaned the table, got plates and turned on music. Her worst Christmas had turned into one of the best ones within a couple of minutes. 
They had a lovely night and a lot of fun, which helped everyone forget about their families, at least for the night. 
Jenna was still sad, that she wasn’t able to see their family again, but for that night, they were her family.